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A Witch’s Confession

Stéphane Vautier

Friday 16 October 2015

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1642. In the Franciscan convent of Louviers, a few young nuns are seized by possession crises.

They point out one of them, Madeleine Bavent, as being responsible for the Devil’s intrusion. Accused of witchcraft, interrogated, exorcised, tortured, Madeleine then reveals the curious practices imposed by their former director of conscience, Mathurin Picard. Ten years after Loudun, the Louviers affair becomes one of the most famous witchcraft cases of the 17th century.

Author: Stéphane Vautier
He has a degree in History and works currently for the Ministry of Education in the west of France.

Genre: Testimonial collection

Number of pages: 176

Keywords: Witchcrafts – Tortured

Audience: Adult

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